Trusted Pandemic Tech

The mission of the MIT Program for Trusted Pandemic Technologies is to help public health professionals rapidly overcome challenging barriers they encounter as they engage citizens as active participants in digital solutions for fighting COVID-19 and future pandemics.

The first focus of the program is to work with public health officials as they design and deploy exposure notification and digital contact tracing for COVID-19. The second focus is to create citizen centric solutions for digital management of testing, vaccines and health verification. Subsequent initiatives under consideration include surveillance/monitoring and predictive modeling so that we as a society are much better prepared for future pandemics. 

The founding belief of the program is that when it comes to engaging citizens in a quest for the common good, especially public health, trust at all levels and among all participants is mandatory for success. The program builds on privacy preserving systems for smartphone data, analytics and machine learning.

The biggest challenges in designing digital solutions which engage citizens are human and societal as well as technologic. The program therefore functions as a tight collaboration among experts from a variety of disciplines. These include information science, public health, biotechnology, behavioral economics and public policy.

To accomplish its mission the program will function as a totally open and neutral venue that partners with government, academia and industry to advance basic knowledge as well as accelerate the practical and application of that knowledge to solutions that save lives and reduce human suffering.       

MIT Program events, partner events and appearances are as follows.

Join the weekly Thursday Program at 

US Congressional Hearing: July 8 (House event and Testimony)

Pandemic AI: July 28 (

GAEN Tutorial: July 29 (

GAEN weekly innovation bootcamps, Trust and Technology: Aug, Sept, Oct  (

The Efficacy of Exposure Notification Technology, Sept 10, (Register, by invitation), by Rockefeller Foundation and US Digital Response

MIT Africa roundtable on Digital Pandemic Response, Sept 30, (Register)

Virtual Workshop on Privacy Aspects of Contact Tracing by ProperData NSF Center, Oct 2nd (Register, by invitation only)

MIT Hacking Medicine: Oct 2-4 (

MIT Digital Pandemic Response events: Thursdays at Noon in October (Request invitation)


Contact: Prof. Ramesh Raskar,